Neighborhoods For You

The First Coast Beaches and Jacksonville include over 750 square miles of beach, riverfront, and inland areas.  We can help narrow that area down to what you want.  Our favorite zip codes are listed below, or if you prefer, the map below links to the United States Zipcode website and you can scan the area more closely.  (If you go to the zip code map website, drag down and to the left to locate Jacksonville and the beaches, then zoom in.) 

Beaches:                                                               West of Beaches:

32233 - Atlantic Beach                                       32225 - East Jacksonville, just west of Atlantic Beach and Intracoastal Waterway (IW)

32266 - Neptune Beach                                     32246 - East Jacksonville, just west of Neptune Beach and IW

32250 - Jax Beach                                                32224 - East Jacksonville, just west of Jax Beach and the IW

32082 - Ponte Vedra                                           32256 - Southeast Jacksonville, just west of Ponte Vedra and the IW

Farther south, between the St. John's River and Ponte Vedra:

32257 - Plummers, Goodbys, Sunbeam          

32223 - East Mandarin and 32258 - east of East Mandarin and south of Plummer/Goodbys

32259 - St. Johns/Switzerland/Orangedale

Of course we serve the City of Jacksonville and it's riverside neighborhoods, so if your lifestyle is more in keeping with the spirit of a downtown landscape, we're here for you!  (The two northeastern zip codes stamped over each other are the codes associated with the Navel Base Mayport - 32227 and 32228.)

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