Equestrian Florida

The first horses on the continental US were brought to Florida in the early sixteenth century.  Today, Ocala in central Florida is known as the horse capital of the world with over a thousand horse farms.  Here in Northeast Florida there are a number of equestrian events and opportunities to keep or add the equestrian lifestyle to the joys of living at the beaches.  From Amelia Island beach riding, to dressage at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, all manner of horses and horsemanship are part of Florida's heritage. Ride the waves when they're righteous, ride in the waves for a romantic sunset - bring your horse and live the beaches lifestyle as you will...

From lessons to world class dressage to riding in the waves, we have it all here for you, your family, and your horse!  See below for additional information about horses in the First Coast area, including "beach back" riding.

Photos kindly provided by the Jacksonville Equestrian Center

If you want to ride in the waves...

You may want to try Amelia Island or Kelley Seahorse Ranch.

Or for other equestrian information...

The Jacksonville Equestrian Center

The Windemere Equestrian Center

and additional information at Visit Jacksonville